Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Grandparents 80th Birthday Album

WARNING - This post contains a very heavy amount of photos

After a month of deliberation, contemplation and shear panic that I may not get it finished on time, I have finally completed my Grandparents 80th Birthday Album.  It is all worth it in the end because the final product has been made with a tonne of love for my wonderful grandparents.  I could not have asked for better Grandparents.  They are very special to me and I absolutely adore them.  
Anyway as the warning states, this post is rather photo heavy so I won't bore you with anymore words, I will just show you the pictures.

Well that is it for the overload for now.  I will hopefully be back soon with some new creations.  I got my new set of Copic markers yesterday so I am going to try my hand at teaching myself how to use them.  Cross your fingers for me.  Thanks for looking.
Don't forget the blog candy giveaway!!

Have a Fantastic Day :-)


  1. Love your layouts! You will love the Copic markers. Let me warn you tho, they are addictive!

  2. Sam, Absolutely gorgeous album!! So many beautiful the flowers, the butterflies.... and tons of gorgeous details. This is just stunningly!! I love, love, love it!! Its so are so clever girl

  3. what a beautiful gift Samantha, I bet your grandparents loved it...



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