Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lots to Share!!!!

Firstly I would like to apologise for my absence of late, I have been around, keeping up with everyones blogs but I have been very busy working on my album for my grandparents that I didn't realise that it has actually be about 2 weeks since I posted anything that I have made.  Like I said I have been terribly busy with the album that I haven't had much time for anything creative for myself, however I did manage to squeeze in 2 projects that I absolutely love.  On the positive front I completed the last of the layouts for my grandparents album last night so can now catch up on my blogging.
The first of the projects that I completed I actually did last week.  The second I completed today. 

The first is a set of storage drawers from KaiserCraft.  These draws are fantastic I am yet to fill them and add the little brass label holders that I have (I haven't done it because I want to print up the labels when I have filled the drawers and do it then)
These drawers were originally plain MDF chipboard (or whatever they are made of) and they come flat packed and need to be put together, this is very simple!!! 

Even though I don't really see the sides of the drawers and they probably would have looked fine if I had just painted them, I couldn't help myself and they had to be decorated aswell, I think I have fallen in love with these papers.  They are out of a Grace Taylor stack that I picked up cheap as chips from Big W.

This is the top of the draws that I have kept simple because I do intend to put things on top of the draws (no room for waisted space in my craft room).

Having been inspired by these gorgeous papers I was very excited to get stuck into an old timber bread box that I was given.  Just to clarify, it is not an antique bread box, it was made using modern technology - ie. nail guns and such.  I would not have done this to an antique!!!
I have no use for a bread box so decided that it was the perfect thing for storage in my craft room and thought it would be great if it matched my pretty new drawers.

I absolutely love how it has turned out

And the best part of my gorgeous new storage bread box is what is inside of it.  It turned out to be perfect for all of my ...............................


Yep............... everything flower in this box is a Prima flower.  My other flowers are stored elsewhere. 
A little obsessed, yes I definately am!!! My partner tells me that I still have a long way to go to fill it, so I asked him if I could have the money to do so, he never said No :-)
My goal is to eventually fill the box.

Anyway I will be back tomorrow with another photo heavy post to show you all what I have done with my grandparents album.
Thanks for looking. 
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Have a Fantastic Day!!! :-)


  1. whooaaaa... I love it Sam. You have done such a brilliant job with this one.. I love it.

  2. that's gorgeous, that paper is divine, your projects are lovely and match so nicely, your room must be some beautiful....:)
    Cindy from The Outlawz, saw u on the need followers list :)



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